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The French Aneurysm Registry

Mission Statement

The French Aneurysm Registry (FAR) was designed to incorporate 11 single center experiences with the MicroVention-Terumo HydroSoft Coil. This Registry is being sponsored by a grant from Microvention. 

The main objective of the registry is to evaluate the safety profile and aneurysm occlusion feasibility and stability associated with the HydroSoft Coil.

The FAR Registry will be a 100 patient registry with its primary endpoint of recanalization at 3-6 months. The comparison control group will be made to a 98 patient cohort that was treated with bare platinum coils, Viper Registry.

The recanalization as imaged by MRI follow up will be separated into 2 groups:
· Minor recanalization = <2mm
· Major recanalization = >2mm

Inclusion Criteria:
· 100 patients
· Ruptured/unruptured aneurysms
· Any Aneurysm amendable to endovascular treatment as determined by the Neurosurgical Team
· Patients 18-80 years of age with a WFNS scale of 0-4

Exclusion Criteria:
· Aneurysms not amendable to endovascular treatment as assessed by the Neurosurgical Team
· Any aneurysm that has recanalized from a previous endovascular treatment
· Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding
· Aneurysms requiring stents, Trispan or other bridging devices

 Balloons maybe utilized and must be documented.

Coordinator Core Lab:   
Prof. Alain Bonafe Prof. Christophe Cognard  



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